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Top 10 vintage rock band t-shirts

Back in the day, no one knew the specific value of anything. Toys were torn out of their boxes and (shock, terror!) played with; favorite records were lent to sticky-fingered friends, tour Vintage band T-shirts, concert vintage band t-shirts, authentic rock band t-shirts and black vintage band t-shirts happened worn to within an inch of their lives and then thrown in the bin. What were we thinking? Just like toys and records, printed vintage rock band T-shirts became the big business for years now, despite high-street shops selling mass-produced models. Below are top 10 cool vintage rock band t-shirts from Tracy Band Tee for you to explore!

printed vintage rock band t-shirt
Printed vintage rock band t-shirt.

Just to prove how careful we – or maybe your parents – used to be, here’s a selection of some really cool and awesome music vintage band T-shirts. Time to go through your parents’ drawers – there may be a special sartorial gem hidden in there! 

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Prince, muscle vintage rock band t-shirt (1984)

But of course Prince released a skimpy muscle vintage rock band tees. To plug his 1984 album Purple Rain, the much-missed megastar’s label put out those promotional T-shirts. If you’ve got one, take good care of it. We find one on sale for $1,554

Prince 1984 rock band tee
Prince 1984 rock band tee.

Run-D.M.C., concert vintage rock band T-shirts (the early 1980s) 

This promo vintage band tee, for an early ’80s show by the New York rap legends, will bring you back a pretty penny – just like any hip-hop popular vintage band T-shirt from that same era will. But this one has some bonus of looking marvelous and having some old-school Adidas magic. The trio had a partnership with an individual sports brand back in the day and the reverse features an Adidas/Run-D.M.C. symbol. The example below was valued at $13,022.

Run dmc my adidas early 80s authentic vintage rock band t-shirts
Run dmc my adidas early 80s.

Michael Jackson, concert baseball shirt (1984) 

From his 1984 Thriller world tour, this original Michael Jackson famous shirt has been known to sell for $996 [£800]. This is still one awful lot of money given that Jackson was already a huge pop singer by that point and presumably shifted a lot of merch. There’s a really good chance that anyone who owns one of these also owns a couple of Jackson’s LA Gear trainers. The black vintage band T-shirt below was priced at $386.

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Michael Jackson 1984 rock band t-shirt
Michael Jackson 1984 rock band t-shirt.

Nirvana, tour crew vintage rock band t-shirts (1993) 

One of various tour tees out there that’s as rare as platypus teeth because it was just given to crew members working on Nirvana store In Utero tour. This remarkable one belonged – or so we’re told – to Kurt Cobain’s bodyguard. Look at the lasting importance of Nirvana, this one is super-expensive. It was put on sale for $6,987.

Nirvana 1993 rock band t-shirts
Nirvana 1993 rock band t-shirts.

Guns N’ Roses, tour vintage band t-shirts (1987) 

This is an authentic 1987 Guns N’ Roses concert vintage band T-shirt for their Appetite For Destruction European tour. Repeatly, you might think that enough people would still own this one to hold prices down – but obviously not. Music fans need to take better keeping of their clothes. Depending on the condition and size of the music vintage band T-shirts, those sell for between £100-900. But this one was priced at $1,192.

Guns n roses 1987 black vintage rock band t-shirts
Guns n roses 1987 cool vintage rock tee.

The Residents, promotional concert vintage rock band t-shirts (1974)

Back in the day, this would’ve been a single music vintage rock band tee for a subversive music fan and member of the counterculture. And also, given how bonkers The Residents’ abstract, deconstructed pop music still sounds, owning that authentic vintage rock band tee still does give you an edge. This was released to plug that band’s 1974 debut album and features the record’s front cover – a horrible parody of The Beatles’.

The residents 1974 vintage rock band t-shirts for concert
The residents 1974 rock band t-shirts.

Led Zeppelin, promotional vintage rock band t-shirt for concert (1973) 

Fans hand over large sums of money as Zeppelin vintage band T-shirts. The band’s shirt for their 1979 Knebworth Park show, which likewise served as a backstage pass, was known sold for $7599 [£6,100] by Stormcrow Vintage in 2011. But the example below – a promotional vintage band T-shirt by Atlantic Records to plug the public of the band’s 1973 (and fifth) album Houses Of The Holy – was made available for $3110.

led zeppelin 1973 rock band shirts
Led zeppelin 1973 rock band shirts.

The Beatles, popular music vintage band t-shirts (the 1970s) 

The Beatles’ ninth US album, 1966’s Yesterday And Today, used to be recalled immediately because of its gory cover: dressed like butchers, the Fabs remained covered in blood, meat, and mutilated dolls. The original record is, as y’all might guess, now worth a small fortune. A few years ago someone just sold a vintage rock band tees featuring the original cover – a gift from John Lennon – on eBay for $19,932. The one below – from the beginning ’70s – isn’t worth that much, but it does have the butcher screen on it. The asking price was $595.

The Beatles 1970s tee
The Beatles 1970s tee.

The Rolling Stones, tour crew vintage rock band t-shirts (1976) 

Examples of this printed vintage band T-shirts for concert, it was given to family, friends, and crew members working on the Stones’ Knebworth Park, UK, show in 1976, have been known to sell for a huge $9014 [£7,236] – apparently. That’s what happens when you pair one of the single world’s biggest bands with a character from Asterix. There are cheaper examples outside, including the tiny one below, which was put on the market at $934.  

The rolling stones 1976 vintage rock band t-shirts
The rolling stones 1976 vintage rock band t-shirts.

The Ramones, tour t-shirt (1978)

Their symbol is killer, so T-shirts by The Ramones – along with these by Joy Division and Motörhead – were the first to be mass-produced by shops around the globe. People wearing a Ramones tee might not know which track has Rocket To Russia, but they will look pretty cool. Anyway, you can see their appeal: this amazing 1978 original tour vintage rock t-shirt was on sale for more than $500.

The Ramones 1978 vintage rock tee
The Ramones 1978 vintage rock tee.

What do you think about our top 10 vintage rock band t-shirt? Tell us if you want to share any designs and keep following Rock band t-shirts for more interesting fun facts and designs of band shirts!


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