Sneakers for hip-hop

8 must-have hip-hop fashion items

Hip-hop is not just a trend. It is a way of life, a culture, and also a fashion. Hip-hop fashion, along with the development of the fashion world, has also been raised to a new level and blended into the breath of modern fashion. And so far, hip-hop style is still one of the favorite styles of many young people. Let’s join Tracy Band Tee to learn the must-have items of this hip-hop fashion!


The snapback hat is also known as a baseball cap. This is an accessory that is familiar to the fashion industry. Coming up in the 90s, snapback hats have variations and changes in design, making them more powerful and stylish than ever. Since then, the snapback has become a must–have item for hip-hoppers to show their style and ego. And so far, this fashion item still occupies a firm position in hip-hop fashion style.

Hip-hop fashion male style
Hip-hop fashion male style.

Bucket hat

The bucket hat is a hip-hop fashion item popularized in the late ’80s by LL Cool J. This item became so popular in hip-hop fashion during the ’90s, create a regular look on members of EPMD and Wu-Tang Clan. Kangol was the one who dominated this item, with the Kangaroo logo featuring on cool rapper’s bucket hats. This bucket hat is still a popular hip-hop fashion item until now, a cool choice among many rap scene figures like oversized t-shirt, or denim. 

Bucket hat for hip-hop street style.
Bucket hat for hip-hop street style.

Today, they have been renewed to be more modern and generous. This is not only a favorite item for many young people but also an important item in hip-hop fashion. Because a bucket hat will bring a more mysterious, careless, strong, and liberal image to hip hop fans.


The hoodie is also one of the most commonly used outfits. This shirt gives a simple yet dynamic and generous look. You can choose from a hoodie with a pullover or a buckle to match the men’s hip-hop fashion style in winter. With a hoodie, you can mix with a big bomber shirt on the outside and torn jogger pants.

Hoodie for hip-hop fashion items
Hoodie for hip-hop fashion items.

Big size shirt

Mentioning hip-hop style, we can’t avoid mentioning those comfortable big-size hip-hop t-shirts with “cool” colors and textures. These t-shirts when coordinating with men’s sports pants will create a trendy set that is extremely fashionable.

Between the early ’90s and the late 2000s, hip-hop fashion items were considered by long silhouettes and oversized shirts. It was because many kids living in poverty in Chicago, New York, or LA always wear old clothes from their old siblings. Even when they have no sibling, an oversized shirt could keep you out of trouble since the bigger your shirts, the bigger your “big brother” might be!

Oversized hip-hop t-shirts
Oversized hip-hop t-shirts.

The big-sized tee had become an icon of the 90’s hip-hop fashion style, hence, Kanye West has collaborated with French fashion brand A.PC on their collection in 2013 with a design was a super big white tee, similar to hip-hop t-shirts that we are so familiar with. 

Jogger pants

The jogger pants are an Athleisure style item. However, this is also an indispensable item in hip-hop style. Currently, the jogger pants have been improved and launched many designs and materials that satisfy the diverse requirements of hip-hop fashion followers.

Jogger with oversized hip-hop t-shirts
Jogger with oversized hip-hop t-shirts.

Denim items

Denim jeans are the item that all of us have at least one pair in the wardrobe. Denim is common for all people from every corner of the world and an item that rappers often wear. However, have you known the history of those basic denim clothes? After being adopted in numerous cultures like punk rock and the flower power movement, the denim jeans already moved from a kind of workers’ workwear to a fashion item, leading to a new age of designed denim brands. 

Denim items
Denim items.

By the ’90s, Guess Jeans, Versace, Calvin Klein, Moschino wear the leader in the path of high-end denim fashion. Meanwhile, black-owned labels like FUBU and Phat Farm focused on cemented denim items that became a part of the 90’s hip-hop fashion items. 


During the 2000s, hip-hop fans show off their style with Snapback hats, fitted by New Era or Mitchell & Ness. The oversized baggy pants of the previous period are replaced with a plain or simple textured t-shirt with basic denim jeans or khaki. The pit sneakers of DC, Radii, Ecko gave way to Vans, Supra, Nike, Adidas. In which, taking the spotlight the most is Jordan couple. Compared with the old school style, this time can be temporarily called “fresh and clean” – neat and trendy, but still retains the personality of the hip-hop fans.

Sneakers for hip-hop
Sneakers for hip-hop.

Till the end of 2013, Kanye West was the pioneer, leading the movement, alongside the Tyga, A $ AP Rocky in the trend of wearing sneakers. 

Gold rope chain

You must have seen many rappers who style themselves with golden rings, jewelry and gold rope chain. But do you have any ideas why they do that? 

Well, the gold robe chains can be seen as a symbol of hip-hop. They used to be worn by drug deals who could afford them. Since hip-hop has become more and more profitable, and hip-hoppers like rappers and DJs have become richer, they could finally purchase them. It’s the way hip-hoppers who grow up poor show the whole world how rich they become now. And those gold chains are no longer a symbol of street drug deals, but a symbol of a successful life. 

Gold rope chain
Gold rope chain.

The gold chain appeared in the middle of the ’90s with the impact of Jesus piece. The Jesus pendant gold necklace soon became one of the most well-known gold jewelry items in hip-hop fashion items after being worn by Biggie – one of the greatest American rappers. 

Above are the most well-known fashion items that we love to introduce to you. Let’s see if you are stylish hip-hoppers by looking at your wardrobe!