Best rock band t shirt for concert

The best rock band t-shirts ever

Cool rock band shirts benefit everyone. The way that the music industry is set up these days, the cash from the merchandise can be seen as the lifeblood of a touring band and the best rock band tees ever with their name stacked across it is pretty effective advertising. You get a new wardrobe item which tells everyone you meet that you have excellent taste in music and they have the opportunity to maybe discover a new band. And take care of your best rock band t-shirt for tours, best rock band t-shirt for concert, coolest rock band t-shirt and you’ve then got a rare piece of memorabilia to move on to the next generation of music fans. We’ve spent days trawling that march desks and online stores of great bands in order to find one shortlist of some of the most stylish tees. Now, all the things needed to be done is to go listen to the music and pick your size. Let’s come to our top 15 of best rock band t-shirts ever for rock fan from Tracy Band Tee!

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The Best Rock Band t-shirts performance art of all Time

Wilco rock band tee: Rooster tee

Wilco is akin to The National in that they’ve managed to become probably popular without losing any credibility.Their store is full of great designs but that rooster option stands out as the colors and design will only seem better as the shirt ages.

wilco rooster best rock band t-shirt
Wilco rooster t-shirt.

Aerosmith best rock band t-shirts: Make The Line Baseball Tee

Garth’s famous ‘Aer Force One’ American music best rock band t-shirt from Wayne’s World be sadly unavailable these days, but this is a more than acceptable replacement. A cartoon of the band members is from the cover of the record 1977, one of their creative high points, and every wardrobe should have a black and white baseball tee, so this kills two birds.

aerosmith draw the line tshirts
Aerosmith draw the line rock band tee

The Rolling Stones rock tee: Mick June 1975 Tee

In case you’re a Stones fan, it’s always best to avoid the lips logo and go for something a little more vintage and original. This red illustration from Mick Jagger against an off-white best. Best rock band t-shirts popular music has both qualities in spades.

The Rolling Stones Mick June 1975 Tee
The Rolling Stones Mick June 1975 Tee

Blondie cool rock shirt: On Stage best rock band t-shirts

Why wouldn’t you want to wear a shirt with a photo of the coolest woman in rock on it?

Blondie On Stage best rock band t-shirt concert
Blondie On Stage best rock band t-shirt concert

Waylon Jennings rock t-shirt: Lonesome Tee

Country t-shirts are the new rock tees and they don’t come any cooler and more country than ol’ Waylon. This one of the best rock band t-shirts for tour looks like it could be their label on a bottle of whiskey and that’s pretty damn appropriate.

wear rock band tshirt Waylon Jennings Lonesome Tee
Waylon Jennings Lonesome rock band t-shirts

Bon Iver best rock band t-shirts: Yellow Bird Project Tee

Yellow Bird Project be a wonderful initiative through which bands design tees and the proceeds come to a charity of their choosing. There are some really great tees with excellent causes to choose from, but this enigmatic grey and red design of Wisconsin’s Bon Iver is definitely our favorite.

Bon Iver Yellow Bird Project Tee
Bon Iver Yellow Bird Project Tee.

Velvet Underground: Nico’s Lips coolest rock band t-shirt ever

If you want to be a little different and avoid wearing a Velvet Underground best rock band t-shirt for the concert with a banana on it, this is the incredibly stylish alternative. Yes, those are Nico’s lips drinking a coke, designed for imitating Andy Warhol’s artwork.

Velvet Underground Nico’s Lips Tee
Velvet Underground Nico’s Lips Tee

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard: Masters Tee

You must have a lot of questions about this shirt. I can’t really tell any of them, but it’s undeniably great. If you haven’t heard of those Aussie psych oddballs, they release about three records a year, so you own a lot of catching up to do.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizar tee
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizar coolest rock band t-shirt.

Tom Petty: Multiple Hearts best rock band Tee

I don’t know about you but I’m still not over the shock of Tom Petty’s death last year. I’d seen him only a few months before in London and he rocked the place. There are 40 broken hearts on that great design – symbolizing his 40 years with the Heartbreakers – but there will be millions more since he left us.

Tom Petty Multiple Hearts Tee
Tom Petty Multiple Hearts Tee.

Beach House best rock band t-shirts: Galaxy t-shirt

Sometimes simplicity is perfection and this tee from dream-pop duo Beach House is just that. Wear this star-kissed tee while listening to their impossibly gorgeous single ‘Zebra’ and experience pure bliss.

Beach House Galaxy Tee
Beach House Galaxy Tee

Superchunk: What A Time To Be Alive t-shirt

One listens to the latest album from North Carolina’s Superchunk be all it takes to realize that What A Time To Be Alive wasn’t meant to be taken positively. Bandmates Mac McCaughan and Laura Balance set up the seminal indie label Merge. Warning, visiting their website is a good method to spend a LOT of money.

Superchunk What A Time To Be Alive Tee
Superchunk What A Time To Be Alive Tee.

Shame best rock band t-shirts: Macaulay Culkin Tee

Young, funny, gritty, and hilariously candid London punks Shame are the buzz band of this moment, and this tee kind of sums them up perfectly. I’ve no clue why Macaulay Culkin’s head is on Kim Jong Un’s body or why he is holding an EU flag, but that’s not really the point.

macaulay culkin rock t-shirt
Macaulay Culkin rock t-shirt

The Wrens rock tee: Tron Tee

This last tee is as much a plug for the band as the t-shirt. If you are someone who likes noisy indie and you haven’t heard of The Wrens, you could thank me later. Their 2003 record (they’ve claimed to be working in the follow up ever since) The Meadowlands is possibly the best indie rock album of all time. This pale-yellow shirt with a Tron-inspired font isn’t bad either.

The Wrens Tron Tee
The Wrens Tron Tee,

The National rock band tee: Buffalo Tee

Favorites of Antoni Porowski, these Brooklyn-by-way-of-Cincinnati indie singers have achieved the delicate balance of being credible and cool while even selling a ton of records. You’d probably never catch dapper frontman Matt Berninger on a band tee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one. My Morning Jacket: Face Sequence best rock band t-shirt for concert. Louisville outfit My Morning Jacket to the border between classic rock, psychedelic jams, and country twang, and all of that feels perfectly summed up in this shirt. This is one of my favorites from my personal collection. It fits a little small and snuggly so probably go a size larger.

The National Buffalo Tee
The National Buffalo Tee

How to wear best rock band t-shirt a vintage feel

Personally, I’m a fan of getting a size larger than I need and washing the shirt 3 to 5 times on a really hot wash, stretching it back out after each washing, and then drying it in the sun or for half an hour in a drier on the highest setting.It’ll shrink a bit, but it brings it a really nice worn, vintage feel.

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski demonstrated how a well-designed, on-trend band tee can be the effective shorthand for your individual personality and style, interchanging the best rock band shirts from his favorite bands The National, The Strokes, and Arcade Fire over the course of that show’s first two seasons.

Best rock band t shirt for concert
Best rock band t shirt for concert.

The trick with band tees is finding the perfect middle ground, the point where the shirts look good, you know and like the band and it’s not an omnipresent design (think The Ramones’ crest, The Stones’ lips, or the Nirvana smiley face). For the most part, it’s best to stick to white or black tees as they go best with blue or black jeans, though there are always exceptions to the rule.

What do you think about our 15 recommendations for our coolest rock tees? Follow Rock band t-shirt for more interesting information for rock fan. And if you are wondering how to rock your daily style with these cool t-shirt, check this artle style your rock band t-shirts for the answers.

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