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4 hip-hop elements you can’t unknow

With the development of hip-hop culture, everyone knows about it. Most hip-hop fans can say what is the latest album released or any rumors among famous rappers. They talk about Cardie B, Nicky Minaj, Kanye West, or Rocky A$AP in daily communication. However, have you known all about it? About its origin, history or how many elements creating hip-hop? Hip-hop is not just about rapping, hip-hop tees, or sneakers, it’s more than that, it’s about street art, about a lifestyle. Let’s explore hip-hop culture with 4 hip-hop elements with Tracy Band Tee.

four hiphop elements
Four hiphop elements you need to know.

DJing the famous hip-hop element

Yes, it is, DJing

Electronic music groups already existed out there before hip hop’s coming up, however, it’d be a bald-faced lie to not say that the vast majority of electronica groups have hip hop to thank for some level of music technique.

DJing an element of hip-hop
DJing an element of hip-hop.

DJing, beat-making, and turntablism are considered as one of the basic pillars in hip-hop elements – and when you hear a certain beat in a hip-hop track, you may understand the reason why. Known as the first music genre that was so impressing with beat drop innovation, hip-hop is also the first genre that matched record scratches and beat to the forefront.

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Due to the existence of hip-hop, EDM fans now have a great experience in music with EDM and cool beat drops. Also, turntable scratches and fading are typical hip-hop techniques that can be applied perfectly to rock music and pop music. With the development of hip-hop, remixes became more and more popular though they existed in the 50s.

MCing the first hip-hop element

Well-known as rapping, spitting, cyphering, or rhyming, MCing is a very obvious element in hip-hop culture. The origin of MCing is about an idea of poetry that tells every problem that they have been through. It can be seen that rapping has become more popular with the kind of stuff that you hear on Hot 97.1.

asap rocky rapper
Asap rocky rapper,

Many generations who were growing up in the urban systems were able to find positive stuff for their struggles thanks to MCing. Rappers like Nas also are known for bringing positive lyrics into hip hop, making it a very popular outlet to help people avoid buckling to pressures of inner-city life.

Nowadays, MCing is the most visible element of hip hop.

Breaking – the passion of dancer

Even if you are not a hip-hopper, you must have watched some hip-hop videos accidentally. In those videos, a group of people is breakdancing while others rapping and beatboxing. Breakdance can be divided into clowning, krumping, twerking, liquid, dance hall willin’, or trick-hooping. But no matter what you call it, it will always be breaking dance.

Breaking is special since it is different from anything else. It’s different among different breakers. Many of them create moves with their signature that cannot be mistaken for anybody else.

Hip-hop breakdancing on street
Hip-hop breakdancing on street.

Similar to MCing and Djing, breakdancing is a kind of art that lets you show your love for music and your creativity in the coolest way. Breakers share their passions together and also have personal things. I believe that this hip-hop element shows the true spirit of hip-hop culture. Some love twerking, others enjoy windmills, no matter what they do, they all put all their heart into this beautiful art.

Graffiti – the street art you must know

No matter where you live, you must have seen at least one piece of graffiti. They can appear under a bridge, at the metro station, on an abandoned wall, anywhere else. According to Zulu Nation, graffiti is one of the main hip-hop elements due to its effect on the city and people even though graffiti has been developed with millennials.

Graffitists use graffiti to show their ego, their passion, their claim to the whole world. That’s why most graffiti we can see are their signatures. Graffiti comes in various ways and various styles. Though most graffiti artists work anonymously, there are some of them are famous among street artists such as Cornbread, Dondi White, and Lady Pink.

graffiti a hip hop element
Graffiti a hip hop element.

Here is some well-known Graffiti wall that you may love to visit someday: Lennon’s wall (Praha, Czech), Berlin wall (Berlin), Tuttomondo (Pisa, Italy). Along with Djing, MCing, and Breakdancing, Graffiti is one of the 4 hip-hop elements that create the face of hip-hop nowadays.

With the strong evolution of rap and the fame of many rappers, hip-hop has become more and more popular and has a great impact on American culture. However, those 4 hip-hop elements are still the pillar of hip-hop, which raise inspiration to the world.

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