crystal mountain

class assignment: I to IV

I’ve been sitting in for a performance workshop class at my kids’ high school. I’m helping with their songwriting assignments by coming in to talk about my approach to songwriting, introducing music that relates to what they’re covering at the time.

Today, I came in and turned in my take on their assignment from last week: write an 8-bar melody over a I to IV vamp. I took it up in the key of G and found a nice groove at about 66bpm and started improvising some melodies over it. Eventually one solidified and I went with it. Here’s the recording I did last night that satisfies the assignment 🙂

There’s two acoustic guitar setting the rhythm, one electric guitar adding some texture and then a big solo electric guitar with the melody. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted a bit of a alt-country feel with a tiny bit of epic thrown in. I would love to hear what you think!


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