getting started again

This, the first post of the newly rebuilt reinventnow.com/blog, it’s appropriate to to talk about getting started. Again. And how to reinvent getting started.

If something ends, it’s time to get restarted. Creation, preservation, destruction… the eternal holy trinity of cycles. Which came first the destruction or the new life. Let’s restart the conversation.

To begin again. Let’s begin to talk together about this beginning.

I have begun to understand this nature of mine. How to see what I see in myself more often so that I’m not stuck in beginning again. Rather, to thrive in the beginnings… to take them through to the other side. If it ain’t gonna end, then you never began.

I could tell you that I know what I do when I do them now. However, I repeat myself. Let me repeat, I repeat my self. Over and over, my self-made selves show up in front of me. And do I choose the self that I prefer? Or am I the choice of the particular self that sees me now?

Take a thought. Please.

Take it onward through its fits and starts. Take it up to 11. Take it on a picnic and let it take you to its end. Period.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe the moments in the moments that can be ended simply and let go can build a life that has a meaning across the moments. Opening a book on the opening page is for sameness. Difference is made in the chances.

Given a sentence why would you not take the paragraph? Keep the sense of your self in constant flux for funny things fly when the juice is flowing. I might not know what I will do next. So I stop and start again. Latching on to bits of the familiar so the stream of thoughts can kick me out of bed.

In the mourning. That’s when to get started. Wake up. Make it real and take it on.

I have struggled with the so-called life/work balance and have planned to have a blog since I first heard the word some 7 years ago. I’ve had reinventnow.com for so long it seems like I’ve always had it. I don’t remember when I didn’t.

And every so often, every year or three, I take it up a notch and tell myself now *this* is the year to reinvent myself. Yet, that’s the crux of the problem. Getting started with a huge project by seeing it as a huge project makes it a huge project. And not many will take a huge project on and thrive.

Take it in small steps, I’m telling myself now. Be simple. Start again whenever you feel like, man. Be real. Stop casting the net so far and wide that nothing makes it here. I am here to stay and here to reinvent myself every day.

Please, stick around and help me start it all again. This time, it’s more about this time. Now.


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